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John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Online Certified Americans with Disabilities Act Advocacy Program

All Online All Inclusive Class

This certification from John Jay College of Criminal Justice certifies you to become an ADA Advocate.  Real cases, new ADA regulations, empower you with the tools needed for a fair day in court.  Devote your time to this eye opening experience.

Become a certified ADA advocate and learn how to advocate for litigants with invisible disabilities. This course is ideal for social workers, counselors, healthcare practitioners, attorneys, and any other profession that interacts with persons with disabilities. Participants will become skilled at ethically advocating for persons with impairments using combined medical/legal/coaching skills.

Ethical obligations and psychological and physiological realities of persons with disabilities when under stress are emphasized. Participants learn recommendations for legal and social improvements needed to be in compliance with laws regarding civil rights, disability rights, and social responsibilities.


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Unlocking Justice BookProfessor:  Dr. Karin Huffer, MFT
Class platform: Online using Blackboard Learn

Required Textbook:  Unlocking Justice Book

Certification cost: $995.00

Duration: 18 hours total, 12 weeks to complete

Registration Period:  Now




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Your class advocate George will be standing by for further questions or concerns at 719-426-9711.

For further information about the course

Hardware requirements

  • A relatively new computer, laptop, or mobile device with the ability to record audio and video (PC, Android or Macintosh, less than three years old).
  • High speed Internet connection (cable modem, DSL, LAN, etc.)

Software requirements

  • A Blackboard account (provided)
  • A College computer account (provided)
  • Productivity software (e.g., Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Apple iWork)
  • A Web browser compatible with the Blackboard system (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox (most compatible with Blackboard)
  • Relevant plug-ins (e.g., Flash player , RealPlayer, QuickTime Player)