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Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD – Supportive/Restorative Health Empowerment Package




Training and empowering persons with disabilities to prepare, survive and recover from protracted and “unjust” litigation


What can Dr. Danielle do to potentially prepare you to survive and recover from litigation?

  • Holistically evaluate your state of wellness
  • Train you in using Huffer’s 8-step protocol successfully and consistently
  • Train you in using Energy Psychology to stand strong and recover quickly
  • Suggest the ideal personalized nutrition for health, vitality and focus
  • Use Inter-active Guided Imagery to get to the root emotion that triggers you, then neutralize it
  • Offer homeopathic support remedies to keep your energy balanced
  • Training can then be applied to many different areas of life, with recovery and a fulfilling life as the intended goal/target

This is a 12-hour private training, supportive and restorative coaching service running over a 3-4 months period.  It is available exclusively for clients and advocates of EAA at the discounted tuition of $2,997.00 (usually $4,997.00).

To view Dr. Danielle J. Duperret’s CV (located at the bottom) please visit: