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About Us

Equal Access Advocates

Equal Access Advocates, LLC (EAA) was created to give a voice to the voiceless litigants with visible and invisible disabilities, using Dr. Huffer’s positive and economical vision of the court.  Whether the disability was derived from birth, an accident, medical treatment, or the litigation itself, EAA is determined to set the standards of care for our judicial systems.

Equal Access Advocates created a 4-step process to begin setting these standards by:
1 – Defining the problem: Legal Abuse Syndrome 2018 book

2 – Creating the method to address the problem: Unlocking Justice 2012 book

3 – Distributing and implementing a system: Training Americans with Disability Act Advocates

4 – Currently putting forth policy reforms for institutions, all courts, law firms, emergency services and communities. State and city departments need our services to protect civil rights and the economy of all these services.

Dr. Karin Huffer, a marriage and family therapist, coined the term ‘legal abuse syndrome’ to identify the root of the epidemic of victims of a psycho-legal dimension added to their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The moral core which forms the foundation of American values is the life blood that sustains the victim’s hope.  Decency, our most cherished and delicate human resource, hangs in the balance of the scales of justice.  If the system exists for protection of the citizen and is supported by tax dollars, it is assumed to represent common decency.  Other than a few rascals, we expect to encounter professionals who sanction goodness as we persevere through the courts.