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EAA Online Certification Training for ADA Advocacy Program

How to Ethically Advocate for Litigants with Invisible Disabilities

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Need an ADA Advocate?

Learn the ways you can change your court experience, and have mastery over your case!

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Become an ADA Advocate

Helping the justice system help itself: certified ADA advocates as part of the litigation team

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Unlocking Justice

Please visit our store and view Dr. Huffer's written diagnosis on legal abuse syndrome and how advocacy supports our judicial systems

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Equal Access Advocates

We implement the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act through advocacy by reducing the stigma connected to all disabilities. We thereby improve public health, the economy, and the effectiveness of the judicial system.

The certified ADA advocate is the delivery system that protects your health, and has an economical nationwide impact on the judiciary system. Join us today, and learn a powerful method of communication backed by federal law.



ADA Advocate Responsibilities



The role of certified ADA advocates is to successfully implement federal mandates through unique training and skills that will smooth out the wrinkles in the system, bringing the strengths of the person with disabilities to the forefront. All give a little and, in the middle, there is great reward and protection for all parties. The key to unlocking justice and setting a positive path for humane courts of the future lies in the trained advocate who anticipates and prevents problems.

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