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Holistic Survival Podcast

Holistic Survival Podcast interview with Dr. Karin Huffer


As a marriage and family therapist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Karin Huffer identified, in 1995, that extreme stress caused by our adversarial courts of law exacerbates health problems and can even cause PTSD and anxiety disorders.  In response, she developed a healing 8-step protocol tackling prevention and recovery.  Dr. Huffer is a trusted speaker, writer, and researcher on the topic of legal abuse syndrome and conducts webinars certifying advocates to put the protocols to work actively – right in the courtroom – to help disabled litigants that have nowhere else to turn to.

Dr. Karin Huffer clarifies and effectuates the rights of those living with invisible disabilities.  EAA’s court advocates are prepared to recognize and challenge legal abuses and the syndrome that can result from extreme stress.  Their education includes the use of tools for and information on conducting functional disability assessments.  Classes prepare advocates to design accommodations that offset symptoms supporting litigants.  The jewel in this program is the incorporation of eight steps to maintain mental health to be incorporated at the beginning, during, and end of the litigation process.  Mental and physical endurance are paramount to life during and after the litigation experience.


Key Takeaways:

[1:36] What legal abuse is

[5:01] Where you need to go to request aid (hint: it’s NOT in the courtroom)

[8:10] The importance of recording your own proceedings

[11:18] How filing a motion in court for accommodations for your disability can change the whole dynamic of the case, and how to avoid that

[12:45] The number one thing you need when you go into litigation

[14:22] How the majority of Americans have been priced out of the court system in America