Legal Abuse Syndrome



8 Steps for avoiding the traumatic stress caused by the Justice System


What’s wrong with me? My life and priorities seem irrelevant to the court. Are you ensnared in the judicial system? Fearful, incredulous, isolated, beyond rage . . . feeling “alienated” This unique book conjoins law, therapy, and research revealing a subtype of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder called Legal Abuse Syndrome. Legal Abuse Syndrome, self-help book, helps victims overcome psychological devastation caused by prolonged injustice. Through facts, graphics, and heart rendering vignettes readers grasp elements of this psychic injury, recognize its causes, and benefit from the therapeutic steps provided. This book is a self-help tool for cumulative trauma. When systems of care, i.e. the judicial system, cause or exacerbate medical conditions due to extreme stress, the dilemma presents a public health problem as well as a multidisciplinary legal/medical professional challenge.

Legal Abuse Syndrome is a natural and normal response to an abnormal, unnatural, cumulative trauma, as with all post-traumatic stress disorders.  Any attempt by any person to discredit an individual’s testimony, character, or actions due to their suffering from LAS is clearly demonstrate the aberrant nature of our system of problem-solving.  Any ally of civilization must clearly identify such behavior as abusive, put a halt to destructive actions, and devote their energies to restoration of victims of the “systems.”

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