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Dr. Danielle Duperret, ND/PhD

Dr. Danielle Duperret, ND/PhD
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Secure eFax: 561-623-6257

Dr. Danielle continues to research, develop, create and share cutting edge strategies and techniques for personal empowerment, natural health and peak vitality, mental fitness, emotional freedom, successful and sustainable living for 21st Century challenges.

What can Dr. Danielle do to potentially prepare you to survive and recover from litigation?

  • Holistically evaluate your state of wellness
  • Train you in using Huffer’s 8-step protocol successfully and consistently
  • Train you in using Energy Psychology to stand strong and recover quickly
  • Suggest the ideal personalized nutrition for health, vitality and focus
  • Use Inter-active Guided Imagery to get to the root emotion that triggers you, then neutralize it
  • Offer homeopathic support remedies to keep your energy balanced
  • Training can then be applied to many different areas of life, with recovery and a fulfilling life as the intended goal/target
  • Evaluation
  • Equal Accommodations research for your state
  • Filing for accommodations
  • Being a liaison between you, the court and your attorney(s)
  • Medical legal supportive counseling

Initial consultation ($250.00) will allow Dr. Duperret to get an idea about your situation and the best way to potentially assist you.

Upon mutual agreement, Dr. Duperret can then work on an hourly rate (billed by invoice at $350.00 per hour) as needed, or through a package of advocacy services.  She has also developed a unique training, supportive and restorative health program, to empower ADA clients and advocates to maintain/sustain/restore their health holistically (body-mind-soul-spirit).

Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD – Supportive/Restorative Health Empowerment Package


Danielle J Duperret – Curriculum Vitae

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